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Empowering queer professionals to succeed authentically

LGBTQIA+ business professionals hide who they are at work to avoid potential discrimination, isolation, and harassment. But what if you could be your authentic self at work, and still be the successful professional you've always wanted to be?

The Gay Pro is dedicated to empowering queer business professionals with the resources, networks, and visibility needed to succeed in the workplace as their authentic selves.

Our Commitment

The Gay Pro is empowering the next generation of queer business leaders, and in order to achieve that, we are committed to providing our listeners in the queer business community with the following:

Weekly Content

New content every Friday, covering the latest in business, culture, and technology.

Expert Interviews

Learn directly from LGBTQIA+ business leaders and entrepreneurs with exclusive  interviews available only from The Gay Pro podcast.

Professional Community

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Feature Opportunities

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Created by Omaralexis Ochoa

Data analyst, podcaster, pasta-lover... I'm many things, but above all, I'm a creator. I created The Gay Pro because I love sharing stories of queer success, with the intention of empowering and inspiring other queer leaders.